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Kingsgate Open Studios

Open Studios 2013

Preview: Friday 27th September 6 - 9pm

Open: Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th Sept, 12 - 6pm

You are invited to attend the annual Open Studios of Kingsgate Workshops where 56 artists and makers open their doors to reveal a wide range of exciting and wonderful artworks and signature pieces. Come and explore the winding corridors of our vast labyrinthine space and it's fascinating and mysterious history. There will be food, drink and a series of artist led workshops for all ages.

Artists include;

Gunizi Amirak, Alex Baker, Lucy Baxandall, Vladimir Bohm, Chris Bramble, Golrokh Broumandi, Christie Brown, Beverly Bryon, Steve Buck, Daphne Carnegy, Robert Chilcott, Melanie Clews, Angela Cork, Linda Dangoor, Maria Donato, Jan Dunning, Simon Fleury, Melissa Harman, Rohan Harris, Soa J Hwang, Davina Jackson, Alan Johnson, Rebecca Anne Johnson, Wynn Jones, Kaz, Deirdre King, Anne Leigniel, Tina Leslie, Anastasia Lewis, Susan Light, Emmanuelle De La Lubie, Yvonne McGuinness, Tom Milnes, Kevin Muscat, Yana Naidenov, Emma Neuberg, Marcus Orlandi, Claire Partington, Theresa Patemen, Simon Periton, Polly Pollock, Lynnet Pready, Naori Priestly, Marie-Therese Ross, Lou Rota, Si Sapsford, Yuki Sasakura Assister, Sarah Scampton, John Slade, Eva Swiderska, Andrew Tomlin, Josie Warshaw, Tom Wilkinson, Erika Winstone, Gajan Yogaranandan.

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