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Leasing a studio from Kingsgate Workshops

We currently have no studio vacancies.

If you are interested in leasing a studio at Kingsgate Workshops, please join our mailing list below, and select "Interested in studio availability". When a studio becomes available, we will send an email to everyone on this list, with details of the space and how to apply. At this stage, you can decide whether you would like to apply.


Who can have a Kingsgate Workshops studio?

At Kingsgate, we are offering subsidised studio space to support artists, craftspeople and designers in developing their careers.

Within our building we currently accommodate a range of creative practices, including painters, ceramicists, wood workers, printmakers, photographers, performance artists, sculptors, those working in digital media, video, film, craft, applied arts, and design.


See our criteria below to find out what we’re looking for.


What criteria are used to allocate the studios?


Applications are assessed on the following:

  • quality of work and the accompanying statement

  • critical engagement, contemporary relevance and progressive dialogue, engagement in chosen practice, public profile.

  • use of studio space, how suitable our space is for the work proposed, how well the discipline fits in with our current mix and contributes to a varied ecology in the building

  • willingness and ability to contribute to the community of the studios


In addition to the selection criteria, to be eligible for a place at Kingsgate you must:

  • have a current bank account, as all regular payments must be made by Direct Debit.

  • have evidence of your identity and of your current address (passport or photo id driving licence plus recent utility bill or Council Tax bill).

  • have proof of Public Liability Insurance to the amount of £5 million.

If you are offered a place, you will be required to:​

  • pay a returnable deposit equal to two month’s licence fee.

  • pay a £50 returnable key deposit.

  • sign a Licence Agreement, and agree to comply with the terms of that agreement.


Who is not suitable for a Kingsgate Studio?


  • candidates whose practice is a hobby, rather than a main career

  • candidates who would not be using the space to create work, only to store it

  • businesses looking for office space

Our building is a converted Victorian warehouse. It’s beautiful and we love it, but due to its age we cannot guarantee a pristine space. Our building is currently undergoing a process of improvement. We will disclose full details to all new studio holders, but do bear in mind if you need a space that is guaranteed pristine, we may not be suitable.


I’ve been informed my application wasn’t successful. Why?


Thanks for your interest in Kingsgate. We receive a large number of high quality applications for our studio spaces. If you are not successful and feel you meet all of the above criteria, it may not be a reflection on the quality of your work or application, just on the extreme competitiveness of the field.


We take into account the balance of disciplines in the building, so it may be just that your discipline is not a good fit at the moment.


In some circumstances, we may halt the public application process if we believe we have found an exceptional candidate. You will be informed by email if this is the case.


I’m already a sharer in the building, does that help?

Studio sharers are asked to apply using the same process as public candidates. They will not be given any priority.


How can I find out when studios become available?


To ensure you receive emails from us about studio availability, please subscribe to our mailing list here.


Do I need to pay to join the mailing list?


No, it is free to join our list. All you need is an email account.


How can I see one of the studios available?


When a studio is advertised, we will announce an Open Day date when interested applicants can view the space. We are unable to accommodate viewings outside of this time, but can provide full details of studio size and photos to help you decided whether the space is suitable.


How often do studios become available?


It’s very difficult to predict when space in the building will become available. On average, we advertise around two opportunities a year. Our studios are not leased on short term or annual lets, which means studios are not often vacant. If you join the mailing list, you will be made aware as soon as one becomes publicly available.


How long will I have to wait to get a studio?


We have a high level of demand for our studios, and we offer studio space at a subsidised rate to support artists. As such, applications are subject to a process of assessment, to ensure we reach quality artists who can benefit most from the opportunity. Because of this, we don’t take into account how long a candidate has been interested in being part of Kingsgate Workshops. Please review your application against the criteria above to get the clearest idea whether your practice is suitable for Kingsgate.

How long are the leases?

In order to support artists designers and makers more effectively, our studio leases usually do not have a fixed term.

Either party can terminate the license at any time by giving 56 days notice in writing.

There are questions about noisy work on the application form. What does this mean?


We need to know about your studio practice so we can help find you a place that will be suitable for you and others around you. 


Can I live in the studios? Can I sleep overnight occasionally?


Any use of the studios for sleeping or residential use is strictly forbidden. There are health and safety reasons for this.


When given a studio how often will I be able to use it?


Studio access is 24 /7. We encourage people to use studios as much as possible.


I’ve seen a studio space that’s on offer and I’d like improvements to be made. What work will Kingsgate pay for?

All studio spaces are offered “as seen”. If you are offered the space, we will provide for you a short written inventory of the condition of walls, windows, and any mezzanine, sinks, 3 phase electricity supply etc. If we foresee any work to be essential to the maintenance of the space in its current state, we will also list these works on the inventory, along with a projected timescale of when we hope to complete these for you.

If you accept the license of the studio, we will assume you accept the condition of the space as listed on the inventory.


If you would like to undertake any improvement works in addition to those listed on the inventory at any point during your license, you must gain permission from the Trust in writing, by emailing the Operations Manager. The Trust may wish to be informed of the contractors you are using and the particulars of the work in general, and we ask you to comply with these requests for information. We will be unable to make any financial contributions towards such works.


How secure are the studios?


Studio access is 24 /7 for licensees. We do not have 24 hour security. The safety of the studios does rely to A large extent on our occupants’ vigilance and cooperation in ensuring doors are locked and following safety procedures.


What is a licence fee? Is that the same as rent?


We use licences rather than tenancies for our agreements with artists. This offers both you and us more flexibility and keeps the administration costs down, a saving which we can pass onto you. Under a tenancy you pay rent, under a licence you pay a fee, in return for which we licence you to use the space, under the terms set out in the licence agreement.


What does the licence fee include? What doesn’t it include?


The licence fee includes all management costs, including rates. It does not include electricity. Each studio has an electricity meter which is read every 3 months, and studio holders are billed accordingly.


Do the studios have central heating?



Does the licence fee cover insurance?


Licence holders are responsible for their own contents cover insurance. Licence holders are also required to have Public Liability Insurance. If you employ assistants, or use volunteers or students to assist you in your studio you are responsible for arranging Employers Liability Insurance, and we will ask for evidence of this cover.


Can I share the studio?


We do allow sharers. You must request in writing before you arrange a sharer, and then allow Kingsgate to review your chosen candidate. This will come with an additional administration charge. You can take on a sharer after a year of studio licenseeship.


Can I sublet the studio?


We don’t allow artists to sublet their studios. If you need to take a break from the space Kingsgate Workshops can arrange a yearly sabbatical, or licensees can apply to share their studio.


What about Open Studios?


We run an extremely successful yearly Open Studios event. We ask all studio holders to commit to attending this; full participation is a key to its continuing success.


We encourage all artists to be active members of the studio community, and assisting in the running and setting up of Open Studios is an excellent way of doing this, and creating opportunities for you as an artist.

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