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Join Susie Green, Simon Bayliss, Kim Coleman & Rory Pilgrim this Friday 29 May 9:30pm for Live S

CLUB GODDESS: Susie Green, Simon Bayliss, Kim Coleman, Rory Pilgrim
Friday 29 May 2020 9:30pm Live stream via

Club Goddess opens its doors for the first time on Friday 29 May, welcoming us into an alternative realm of virtual rooms within an infinite dreamlike nightclub. This tactile safespace has been created for the purpose of desire, pleasure, and play. Hostess divine, Goddess Susie Green, will don her red latex, to share an evening that tantalises the senses. Ms. Green’s long-standing artist playmates Simon Bayliss, Kim Coleman, and Rory Pilgrim will join her in the club to deliver moments of rhythmic collaborative coupling, elevating our virtual experience through euphoric music, erotic film and a celestial harp duet. Kindness and solidarity will be at the forefront of this steamy site of activity, with the mood being simultaneously generous and transgressive.

Throughout the evening Goddess Susie will lead us into a series of rooms within the club. As the club opens Rory Pilgrim will join Goddess Susie in THE BRILLIANCE ROOM to sing a duet cover of ‘I Never Loved This Hard This Fast Before’ by musician Tami T. Embracing a harp and a seductive attitude, the duo will connect in virtual unison, enacting a dance track that blurs and redefines the lines of gender and gender identity.

Later, join Splash Addict in THE JUICY ROOM where they will show off their new music video ‘Coming to Power’ (2020) with a bonus ‘herbaceous’ introduction from Simon Bayliss. Splash Addict is a collaboration between Susie Green + Simon Bayliss who unite together with music inspired by their shared romantic, filthy sensibilities and a love of ’90s dance music.

Goddess Susie will then guide us into the IF THEY BE TWO room – a direct portal into the home of collaborator Kim Coleman – where Kim will present an expanded screening of the pair’s moving image of the same name. Presented through encounters between bodies of light, colour, and form, ‘If They be Two’ is a poetic expression of the artists’ friendship and their sexual and romantic desires as lived out in the current technological and cultural landscape.

You are invited to stay for the after-party (via a link on the evening of the live stream) and listen to the ‘Club Goddess’ Spotify playlist; bringing us together through a selection of music designed to elevate our mood.

Tune in at ~~>

Club Goddess is the first of eight Live Stream commissions supported by Arts Council England. Previous streams can be found at

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