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Watch David Blandy's new film How to Fly - screening online via John Hansard Gallery throughout

Online Screening | How to Fly by David Blandy

John Hansard Gallery

1 - 31 May 2020

John Hansard Gallery is pleased to announce two new digital works by artist David Blandy, especially commissioned to reflect on the uncertain times that we currently find ourselves in. These two new works show the audience How to Fly and How to Live, obliquely referencing our present moment, while also pointing to new potentials.

The first of Blandy’s two new digital videos, How to Fly (2020) will be shown throughout May as an online exhibition. The second, How to Live (2020) will subsequently be shown throughout June.

These two newly commissioned works build on a series which uses the form of online video tutorials to explore ideas around patterns in nature and existence. Each of them begins with Blandy giving a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to make a short video about a specific subject, only using the tools available via a computer – through the internet and video editing software to video games.

To watch How to Fly until 31 May, click here.

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