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Don't miss an exciting programme of events over at TACO!...

Showing now and coming up at TACO! gallery, Thamesmead....

End Cottage by Alex Crocker

Until 15 March 2020

End Cottage - presents new paintings and works on paper by British artist Alex Crocker. A small publication and limited edition accompany the exhibition.

Screening of Derek Jarman's A Journey to Averbury

Until 15 March 2020

Watch Derek Jarman's classic A Journey to Averbury (1971), in the TACO! bookshop, also replete with new titles. Showing daily throughout the duration of the End Cottage exhibition.

Constructions #4

Sunday 15 March 4pm

Experimental music performances amongst the paintings and drawn works of Alex Crocker by Yifeat Ziv, Rhodri Davies and Ian Chambers.

Bread and the City

Saturday 21 March 2-6pm

Led by artist Laura Wilson Bread and the City explores the political, economic and social impact of food industrialisation on our cities and health. The day a communal lunch, screenings and a talk with writers Jane Levi, Carolyn Steel, and curator Jo Capper.

DreamsTimeFree - The End

Book launch April 18 - 19 2020

Join us for the launch of the inaugural edition of DreamsTimeFree, a new annual publication of experimental artists writing published by TACO! Responding to the theme of The End, the publication includes texts by Charlie Godet Thomas, The Crazy Creepy Cunts, Dani Smith, Donald Harding, Elizabeth Briggs, George Barber, Jessica Higgins, Joseph Griffiths, Katie Fiore, Liam Sprod, Maira Blom, Sam Keelen, Tom Sewell, and Tom Smith The launch is accompanied by a weekend long programme of events, screenings and performances (full details to be announced).

For more details on all of these events, click here.

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