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All That Could Have Been: a project by Harry Lawson and CAN - is showing at Sir John Soane’s Museum

All That Could Have Been: a project by Harry Lawson and CAN

Sir John Soane’s Museum

16 January - 16 February 2020

Sir John Soane’s Museum has commissioned architecture studio CAN and artist Harry Lawson to create an installation exploring the relationship between architecture, objects and time.

Drawing from Soane’s approach to collecting, the installation takes the form of three cabinets, entitled All That Was, All That Is and All That Could Have Been. Inside each cabinet, CAN and Lawson have placed a number of objects—including both the natural and manmade, the fragmentary and complete, the rarefied and everyday.

Together these micro-collections reflect on the ways we understand and appreciate physical objects in the digital age, and how, in turn, they shape our understanding of the wider world.

This installation is the latest in a series of projects by emerging architects and designers at Sir John Soane’s Museum. Previous exhibitors have included Studio MUTT, Mamou-Mani and Adam Nathaniel Furman.

For more information, click here.

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