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Fly Tipping: a 2 person show with Seb Thomas and Nancy Dewhurst is showing at the Old Fire Station,

Fly Tipping

Sebastian Thomas and Nancy Dewhurst

The Old Fire Station, Oxford

13 September - 9 November 2019

OVADA Professional Development Award artists Sebastian Thomas and Nancy Dewhurst present Fly Tipping.

The artists decided to use the exhibition as an opportunity to collaborate. Whilst on the surface their practices seem quite different, both artists use a version of ‘collage’ in the development of their work. For Thomas this is through printmaking, layering cut paper, and assembling found objects. For Dewhurst, the process involves collecting and layering different thoughts, forms and snippets of language and information, allowing them mutate and evolve as she works.

Working across different cities, and exchanging ideas and images through email, the artists will collaboratively accumulate a body of material. They will use this material as the basis for an abstract visual narrative, developing a series of objects and props that will ultimately be presented as a film and installation at the exhibition.

Alongside the exhibition, Nancy and Seb are running a Collage for Sculpture Workshop on Saturday 14 September, 2 to 4pm. Participants will be shown how the process of collaging with paper can be a useful vehicle with which to dream up new objects and sculptures. Materials will be provided. Tickets £10, available from the Box Office. Age +16.

For more information, click here.

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