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Troglodyte Antiphon - an exhibition by Seb Thomas and Leah Stewart - opens on Saturday 22nd June 5-9

Troglodyte Antiphon

Seb Thomas & Leah Stewart

Intercession Gallery, Northampton

Opening Saturday 22 June 2019 5-9pm

Show runs 22 June - 28 July

Troglodyte Antiphon is a new immersive installation at Intercession Gallery by frequent collaborators Sebastian Thomas and Leah Stewart. Using digitally printed images of stone the artists have transformed the gallery space into a facsimile of a cave through which the public can enter and encounter the works. Working with a range of tactile processes, including plaster sculpture, collage, ceramics, textiles, basketry, silk painting and drawing, slow and fast making combine to create fragments of an imaginary civilisation speaking through the detritus left behind.

For more information, click here.

The exhibition has been kindly supported by The Elephant Trust

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