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Rebecca Guez will be showing work made during her PADA residency in group show PADA at ASC Gallery -


Diogo Da Cruz, Mark Jackson, Tim Ralston, Rebecca Guez, Luisa Jacinto

ASC Gallery

15 March - 3 May 2019

Opening Friday 15 March 2019 6-9pm

This exhibition, co curated by ​PADA studios​ and ​ASC Gallery​, presents work from British and Portuguese artists, all who have spent time working and exploring within the industrial ruins of ​Companhia União Fabril (CUF) in Barreiro, on Lisbon’s south bay.

Inspired by this alien environment, with​ ​crumbling brutalist architecture, ruins of industry, fields of pyrite ash, and vivid mineral deposits, the show focuses​ ​on a common materiality and evident fabrication processes within the artwork. This visible labour and window into the artists production unites the work and echoes the ethos of PADA, an exploration of technique and process. The exhibition reflects on an international community that has come together in Lisbon over the last six months, and stresses the importance of European and international exchange.

The exhibition,​ presented in collaboration with ​Recreational Grounds​ and ​Turps Gallery​, both within the creative network on the Aylesbury estate, reflects on the systems and spaces artists use to create artwork. Each of these venues offers a different entry point into the career of an artist. Turps Banana is an artist-led educational space providing a​ painting programme,​ ​ASC is a charity accommodating studio spaces for over 600 artists across several sites in London, whilst PADA is a residency set within a redundant industrial park on Lisbon’s south bay. The cross pollination of these locations is an example of the various methods in which artists seek to develop their art practice, and the resulting works are a testament to the importance of learning and collaboration, and the​ fine line between material and place within their works.

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