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Ruth Waters is part of group shows Learn Where The Meat Comes From at Out_Sight in Seoul until 21 Oc

Where The Meat Comes From


Burton Nitta, Jeehee Park, Mary Maggic, Rosie Gibbens, Ruth Waters, Suzanne Lacy

Curated by Jinho Lim

Until 21 October 2018

The individual, which was regarded as the smallest unit that could no longer be shared, became dividual today with smaller elements. This refers to our body, which is regarded as a small machine, which is functionally intertwined and efficiently operated according to the control of reason, interlocked with the labor force in a huge production system...

For more info, click here.

White Shadows

Wumin Arts Centre, Cheongju

Gilsuk Ko, Daehong Kim, Eunjoo Rho, Hyejin Jo, Jaroslav Kyša, Mitra Saboury, Ruth Waters

Curated by Jinho Lim

Until 8 December 2018

This exhibition focuses on social cleavages and the minute explosions which are traces of disharmony within the spectrum of the meaning of ‘everyday life’. This is because a considerable number of these problems always have a possibility of remaining in everyday life even if changes are attempted...

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