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Bea Bonafini is part of group show Memories Arrested in Space at Italian Cultural Institute, London

Memories Arrested in Space

Rebecca Salter, Serena Vestrucci, Paul Kneale, Bea Bonafini

Italian Cultural Institute, London

28 September - 6 Novemeber 2018

The boundaries and relationships between immateriality and physicality, mathematical principles and nature, reality and fiction, chaos and order are increasingly becoming pressing concerns in everyday life, as our existences are gradually but inexorably shifting towards the predominance of digital realities. The artists selected for this exhibition straddle precisely these boundaries: Rebecca Salter, Serena Vestrucci, Paul Kneale, and Bea Bonafini.

Each of the exhibited artists champions an original and subversive approach to abstraction, or rather ‘non-figuration’, and painting. From challenging the status-quo of the paintbrush, to questioning the bi-dimensionality of the canvas as a surface, these artists make us ponder age-old art historical questions of light, time, and landscape through unexpected means.

This exhibition aims particularly at promoting the work of young and emerging Italian artists abroad, by creating a dialogue between them and some of the most thought-provoking international contemporary artists working in London in the field of non-figuration.

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