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millimetre02 presents: Magma ~ with work by Ian Brown, Jim Hobbs, Susan Johanknecht, Edwin Aitken, M

millimetre02 presents: Magma

PV Friday 24 August 2018 6-9pm

25 August - 22 September 2018

Ian Brown

Jim Hobbs

Susan Johanknecht

Edwin Aitken

Mark Harris

Denis Masi

Garry Mouat

Oona Grimes

Brian Hodgson

Magma was first exhibited in 2011 at the first millimetre project site in Camberwell, London. Here is an opportunity to see the exhibition again - in the spirit of the millimetre projects they can travel through time and space to new venues and into different configurations.

The artists here have all been taken by the various impacts and histories that volcanic events bring about both as fact and metaphor. Volcanoes are an uncontrollable force and difficult to predict, which is exactly why so many artists over the centuries have been fascinated by them. As is the case with some of the artists here, the encounters are secondary, by account or through scientific knowledge giving a certain distance to the views. Ian Brown has worked on a series of printed works that further process images from historic post cards picturing eruptions, these blow ups both deform and draw attention

to beauty and horrors of these events.

Image: Mark Harris

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