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Join us for the Machiavellian Mary closing event at Kingsgate Project Space ~ Friday 13 April 2018 6

MACHIAVELLIAN MARY - CLOSING EVENT Friday 13 April 2018 6-9pm with readings from... Nadia Hebson at 7pm Reba Maybury at 8pm Kari Robertson at 8:30pm No booking required A particularly virulent type of woman in business is one called “Machiavellian Mary” '…This style denotes a superficially agreeable, yet ruthless, self-focused, and false individual. Machiavellian Mary is “mean business.” She kills “buy-in” from key stakeholders— the employees who are the face and backbone of the business. Her authoritarian style poisons the working environment that could otherwise nourish new ideas. Hers is a “topdown” communication style—one that promotes a culture of dishonesty and fear. Yet, Machiavellian Mary often rises to high-level positions. Why? Because she plays well in the “male” game of pyramidal hierarchies. She knows how to be pleasing to those on top and how to control and step on-and-over those below…' Kingsgate Project Space will be transformed into an office boardroom and become a stage for a series of performances and interventions. The space will change throughout the month as artists disrupt, confront and alter the set, calling into question the behaviours, language and structures of current working environments. - Nadia Hebson studied at the Royal Academy Schools. Recent exhibitions and talks include; ‘I See You Man’, Gallery Celine, Glasgow; ‘Alpha Adieu’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp; ‘Choreography’, Arcade, London; ‘A Room of Our Own’, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art; ‘We (Not I)’, Artists Space, NYC; ‘So’, Mauve, Vienna; ‘MODA WK’, Lokaal 01, Antwerp and ‘Christina Ramberg’, 42 Carlton Place, Glasgow International with Sophie Macpherson. In 2015 she published ‘MODA WK Work’ made in response to the paintings, drawings, correspondence, clothing and interior design of British artist Winifred Knights, 1899-1947, (an expanded legacy) with AND Public. Further critical writing has been published in Persona, Foundations Magazine, The Journal Of Contemporary Painting, British Art Studies, Paul Mellon Centre and Cadavere Quotidiano, X-TRA, Los Angeles. In 2017 with Dr. Hana Leaper she co-organised the conference ‘Making Women’s Art Matter: New Approaches to the Careers and Legacies of Women Artists’ at the Paul Mellon Centre, London. Reba Maybury is a writer, political dominatrix and lecturer. In 2017 she published her first novella ‘Dining with Humpty Dumpty’ at Bridget Donahue, NYC; The Community, Paris and Schloss, Oslo. She teaches a program in subversive thinking at Central Saint Martins on the Fashion Masters. Kari Robertson (b.1988) is a visual artist based between Scotland and The Netherlands, who works primarily in film, video and sound. She graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam in 2016. She recently undertook a residency at The Banff Centre in Canada and her recent exhibitions include; The ICA, Singapore; The Showroom, London and The Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow. Robertson served for two years on the committee of Transmission Gallery, Glasgow. She currently co-runs ‘GHOST’, a nomadic curatorial project who programme monthly screenings at WORM Cinema Rotterdam as well as recent exhibitions in Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn and MIAMI, Bogota. Alongside her visual artwork Kari plays in experimental band Difficult with fellow artists Eothan Stearn and Tracy Hanna, which is a noisy and public meditation on punk/DIY/improvisational sound-making and total non-expertise

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