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Bea Bonafini is part of group show 'et refaire le monde' at Galerie Bessieres, Chatou, Franc

Et refaire le monde / Reinventing the World

Bea Bonafini, Sepand Danesh, Sophie Ko & Octave Marsal

Galerie Bessières

8 April - 3 June 2018

'In its second exhibition, Galerie Bessières - Maison Levanneur, true to its ambition and its history, continues to explore the innovations of painting and its multiple forms of interaction with all contemporary mediums.

Four established artists have been invited to occupy the 600 square meters of exhibition space in this former manor on the Island of the Impressionists: Bea Bonafini, Sepand Danesh, Sophie Ko and Octave Marsal.

Employing diverse mediums and materials, their approaches have an important common point: a mindful engagement with current times and issues. Each artist expresses such concerns in a personal and poetic vision. Rather than magically transcending reality, they combine reality’s very own materials in a creatively engaging way, thereby encouraging viewers to explore a poetic interpretation of the present.

Bea Bonafini, Sepand Danesh, Sophie Ko and Octave Marsal all have notably liberated approaches to appropriating and reinterpreting the state of our world. They also strive to preserve the ‘magic’ nature of images at a time when masses of visual representation are unfurling and being endlessly replicated. Their refusal to be submerged by a surfeit of information and images becomes a form of resistance. Their personal narratives and poetic visions represent a form of opposition.'...

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