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Studio Holder Spotlight - Davina Jackson

Describe your work.

My interest in painting has remained in the theatrical use of psychological space and a search for poetic simplicity.

What's your favourite piece on your own work?

I don't have one favourite piece but i am more attached to my drawings that are the birth of ideas conceived and constructed as an instinctive response to ongoing internal and sometimes unconscious subject matter.

What do you listen to in the studio?

Classical, jazz, 80's to current artists depending on my mood.

What will you be showing off at Open Studios Weekend?

Some work I will be exhibiting in my forthcoming show at The Woland Art Club in Italy.

Who else in the studios should people go and see, aside from you?

I think everyone should get a look in as it's such an interesting , diverse community and you may stumble across a hidden gem 😊

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