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Oscar Murillo | Resonant Structures, Satellite 10 programme 13 June - 24 September 2017, Concorde Pa


13/06 – 24/09/2017

Concorde Paris

'...Making use of its immediate environment, the work of Oscar Murillo (born in 1986) indexes the quotidian moments of life. Unfolding inside and outside the artist’s studio, the work is formed through the direct actions of drawing, painting, filming and writing. Working across media, Murillo’s practice is often composed of the raw materials of personal experiences, drawn from family photographs, travel documents, banknotes, food packaging and found objects. The final work always remains open to reconstruction, changing and transforming itself from one place to another. In this sense, concepts are free to be transferred, distributed and repackaged through the gestures of exchange, collaboration and, most importantly, production. Influenced by non-Western practices of cultural consumption, the work encourages us to challenge forms of hegemony, while pointing towards alternative ways of being and living together.

In the exhibition Estructuras resonantes [Resonant Structures], Murillo combines a series of works made in collaboration with friends, family, and other agencies to form a poetic framework shaped by the experiences of the both familiar yet unknowable lives of other people. Centred on the architecture of memory as an integral part of how languages are built and invented, the project proposes a multilayered experience. At the same time, it refers directly to the social structures under which we live, and the need for a deeper, more sensorial engagement with the world around us. Tracing and documenting a journey through Europe, Asia, North Africa and Latin America, the project reflects on the importance of cultural production in relation to our sense of place, community and belonging, wherever we find ourselves...'

Osei Bonsu, Exhibition curator > read the full press release here

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