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Paola Ciarska | Coming Along Nicely at Globe Gallery & Gallagher and Turner until 22 April 2017

Coming Along Nicely is Paola's first solo show since graduating from Newcastle University 2016. Ciarska's work addresses the over-sharing of private information we witness on a daily basis turning us into self proclaimed voyeurs, and how those voyeuristic qualities have become attached to our daily life rituals. It is an exaggerated, humorous commentary on people being people. People with smart phones and even smarter Facebook responses.

The paintings have a physical presence that far exceeds their small scale. Each work is packed with painterly detail. Rooms are filled with the trinkets of modern life, decorated with reproductions of modern masters and adorned with fairy-lights, all set against a psychedelic (and mildly suggestive) patterned background. Ciarska enjoys the labour of a marathon painting session, getting lost in the haze of its intricate, obsessive application.

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