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Coming soon: Lucy Stein in group show What Is This Place? at Newlyn Art Gallery 22 April— 15 July 20

The Festival of Britain, Ben Sanderson

What Is This Place? | 22 April— 15 July 2017

Sam Bassett

Romi Behrens

Gordon Dalton

Freya Douglas-Morris

Danny Fox

Ben Sanderson

Corinna Spencer

Lucy Stein​

...The paintings in What Is This Place? share a sense of improvisation. Like the act of drawing, the works are a way for the artist to work through ideas. Their marks have been made with a speed and spontaneity, executed quickly to capture changing thoughts and ideas.Some of the artists have been drawn to a particular location, repeatedly, to better understand it. For others, it’s the social and political landscape of the world today they are questioning. Memory, and its varied versions of truth, often acts as a source or starting point. From the commonplace to the cosmic, the eight artists in this exhibition are questioning with paint, what is this place?

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