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Mat Jenner & Laura Yuile: Zed Mot at Generation and Display 26 November - 19 January 2017

Zed Mot

Laura Yuile & Mat Jenner

26th November 2016 - 19th Jan 2017

Preview: 25th Nov - 6 - 9pm

The latest in a series of two person shows at Generation and Display.

Laura Yuile’s work spans sculpture, video and performance. Dealing with issues of class and the over-complication of basic human needs, collisions occur between the natural and the synthetic; interiority and exteriority; the permanent and the perishable; the wholesome and the polluted. The resulting installations often combine readymade objects and found images with perishable ingredients such as coffee beans, flour or soap; employ home-spun techniques of production and draw upon the global language of advertising. Laura Yuile lives and works in London. Previous exhibitions include World Interiors, Savoy Centre, Glasgow; The Capital, Vulpes Vulpes, London, England; Co-Pourri, Caustic Coastal, Manchester, England (2015); Welcome to Ecumenopolis, The Arts Foundations, Athens, Greece (2015); and Conversation of Monuments, Collective, Edinburgh, Scotland (2014).

Mat Jenner’s approach to making is grounded in the studio, a site that is interpreted as intrinsically performative. Starting with the found image Jenner’s work can be read as an exploration of a problematic relationship between authorship and spectatorship, image and agency. Jenner uses drawing, collage, painting, ephemera and sound often within installations and wall-based works that present personal, political and self-reflective subjects that occupy a flawed aesthetic status. Mat Jenner lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include Amass A Mass, Bergen Kunstahall, Norway (2016), Days, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland (2015) and Dreams Time Free, Grand Union, Birmingham (2015).

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