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Rob Crosse | VISIONS | Nunnery Gallery on Thursday 17 November 6-10pm

Still from Land Cruiser. Rob Crosse

Rob Crosse is showing in...VISIONS as part of Programme 1 at the Nunnery Gallery

Programme 1 presents work from Jan Adriaans, Anneke Bosma, Cristine Brache, Rob Crosse, Shona Davies, Dave Monaghan & Jon Klein (DMK), Jamila Johnson-Small, Mikhail Karikis, Alyona Larionova, Arijana Lekić-Fridrih, Jacek Ludwig Scarso, Amy Lunn, Ulf Lundin, Ruth Novaczek, Uriel Orlow, Eeva Siivonen, Tanya Syed, Maryam Tafakory, Fiona Walsh.

The evening will also feature live performances from Calum F Kerr, Philip Lee & Cally Trench, Jacek Ludwig Scarso, who will premiere Stabat Revisited created for Visions with soprano Maya Sapone, as well as works from Unnoticed Art Festival.

Curated by Cinzia Cremona and Tessa Garland, Visions 2016 showcases over 100 international artists’ work through an innovative six-part programme, including artists Marina Abramović, Ori Gersht, Susan Hiller, Mikhail Karikis, Richard Layzell and Uriel Orlow. 12 events punctuate the programme, featuring live performances in the gallery, Carmelite Café and Bow Arts’ unique Victorian enclosed courtyard.

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