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Eating Machine | Film Screening night feat. Lauren Godfrey | Safehouse 2, 26 March 2016

Still from: From Here to Eternity , Gemma Egan, single screen moving image, looped (steel hot dogs with oil on brass) 2014

Eating Machine

26 March 2016

@Safehouse 2

Eating Machine is a night of films exploring the vicarious experiences of food on screen, performance and of course, eating!

Artists include: Jemma Egan, Lauren Godfrey, Tom Harrad, Justine Melford Colegate & Margaret Raspe.

Organised by SEEN THROUGH - a collaboration between Natasha Cox and Tamar Hopkins. With an aim to facilitate and engage with artists moving image throughout history to the contemporary. Working to creating immersive screenings with atmosphere that reaches beyond the screen, all housed in interesting locations in collaborations with Maverick projects. More info

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