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Time + Space: Beginnings | Group show feat. Rob Crosse at the Bemis Center, Nebraska

Rob Crosse's film Mall Walking Is featuring in Time + Space: Beginnings at the Bemis Center, Omaha, Nebraska until 4 May 2016.

Since 1981, the Bemis Center has provided artists with time and space to produce new work and take creative risks. In this year-long rotating exhibition, they celebrate thirty-five years of supporting artists from around the world. Time + Space features artwork from multiple generations of artists-in-residence and archival materials that reflect the rich history of their location in Omaha’s Old Market. Beginnings, the first chapter of the exhibition, explores earth as medium and subject matter, and was inspired by Bemis’s origins as an artist-in-industry program for artists working in clay and ceramic sculpture. Futures, the second chapter of the exhibition, opening in June 2016, will survey science-fiction and futurist impulses in the work of Bemis alumni. Newly commissioned projects and performances will take place throughout the year, celebrating the breadth of Bemis’s legacy.

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