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Victoria Adam & Lauren Godfrey | ArtQuest's PEER FORUM at Camden Arts Centre 2016

Anita Delaney, still from A Rat Biting Another

Victoria Adam and Lauren Godfrey have been chosen to be part of PEER FORUM at Camden Arts Centre 2016. This programme is organised and funded by ArtQuest, and aims to assist artists by providing them with funding, space and resources, necessary to establish their own peer mentoring groups.

So far, Artquest has funded peer mentoring groups at four organisations over a six month period. These include: The Photographers' Gallery, Cubitt, Peckham Platform and now Camden Arts Centre.

Selected artists receive:

  • An all-inclusive award of £1,800 to run 6 peer mentoring sessions over a 6 month period with a regular group of 8-12 other artists.

  • A space provided by one of Artquest’s project partners for the peer mentoring sessions to take place (and in some cases basic refreshments and presentation equipment).

The PEER FORUM group selected for Camden Arts Centre include Josie Cockram (Lead artist), Anita Delaney (Lead artist), Victoria Adam, Gabriel Stones, Isabel Mallet, Richard Lockett, Lauren Godfrey, Amanda Loomes, Jamie Bracken Lobb, Mat Jenner and Paul Gwilliam. Read more about the group

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