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Kingsgate Workshops Artist-in-Residence | Harry Lawson

Simple Space, 2014

Kingsgate Workshops are delighted to announce Harry Lawson as one of our artists-in-residence for 2016 (February - August).

Harry Lawson’s artistic practice investigates how time affects cultural objects: where they have come from and where they might be going. He often assembles his work in a domestic context, where he constructs furniture and decorates, as well as presenting artworks and objects from his personal collections. Harry invites the viewer to consider his work and objects as emerging from things passed, but with an optimism born of interest in what they are now, and what they can bring about in the future. Many of Harry’s objects seem themselves to aspire to and prompt a manner of living. This is not a practice to be revered or handled with white gloves. They are objects for life.

Harry Lawson (b.1985, Hereford, UK) graduated in 2013 with an MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London and previously attended John Moores University, Liverpool (2007). Recent exhibitions include; Remote Future, Remote Past, Apartment Projects, London, 2014 (solo show), and I see I don’t see Lewisham Arthouse, London, 2014. Harry also completed the The Bothy Project residency at Aviemore, Scotland in 2013.

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