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Rob Crosse | The Modern Language Experiment presents Art & Labour at Sluice Art Fair 2015

Artist-in-Residence Rob Crosse, is showing new work as part of Sluice Art Fair from the 16-18 October open daily from 11-6pm at the OXO Tower. Rob will also be screening new videos as part of the Art & Labour TV channel on Sunday 18 October. More info can be found here

Press Release | Art & Labour

Mankind has forever been preoccupied by the ideology of advancement; that which has come after is more efficient, better crafted, greater in scope and more revealing than that which has come before. This linear reality forces mankind in to assuming the role of a labour force focused on the production line. How do we produce more for less? How can we maximise ideas and resource? What is the secret to optimum efficiency? These and other such questions have led us down many paths that can often seem far from what makes us human. Any focus on labour will inevitably engage in a conversation regarding intensity versus intention where one might act for and against another. Themes of capitalist market forces and the creation of a language that is increasingly becoming more absurd seem apt for the times that we live in. We have invited artists to explore and discuss the intrinsic relationship that art and labour share, challenging how artistic production and labour can disrupt the politics of the art object. Alan Magee / Gordon Shrigley / Keh Ng / Matthew Stock / Mitra Saboury / Paul O’kane / Robert Crosse / Warren Garland

Address | 4th Floor Rm13, The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, London SE1 9PH

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