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Tom Wilkinson

Sculpture, Kinetic Sculpture

Studio 20

Tom Wilkinson's background is in automata, illusion and special effects. He makes and teaches kinetic sculpture and co-runs Arts Republic and Meta Props.

In 1992 Tom exhibited his first automata in Automata, South Bank and John Hansard Gallery. In 2001 he co-founded an environmental arts collective Arts Republic with his wife Molly Fletcher, making solar and wind powered public art. Arts Republic gave many workshops and residencies and their automata was on show for a decade at the V&A Museum of Childhood, one was purchased by The Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow. Tom has had automata at MAD Museum in Stratford on Avon and Kiln Theatre in Kilburn, London.

Tom's kinetic sculpture is inspired by the physics of light and astronomy and involves exploiting properties of the eye & brain to create 4D forms. He’s shown regularly with Kinetica Museum in the UK, Europe and Asia including Ars Electronica in Berlin. In 2005 his kinetic sculpture Light Wave was sited at the Economist Plaza for the Contemporary Art Society and exhibited at Submisori, the inaugural exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, South Korea.

Tom continues to teach as Associate Lecturer at UAL Wimbledon in Technical Arts and Tutor assistant in Biological and Interactive Architecture at The Bartlett, UCL.

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