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Contemporary Art

Studio 23b

Kaz works with videos, installations and photographs, often in combination, to explore our subjectivity through time and space, placing emphasis on the present moment.

Since graduating from the fine art course at Goldsmiths College in 2001, Kaz has exhibited regularly, as well as curating Japanese philosophical themed group exhibitions, in the UK and Japan.His practice explores our relationship to the world, both physical and non-physical, examining the close relationship between our subjectivity with temporality and spatiality.

Kaz uses images (still or/and moving) from the everyday, such as train journeys and most recently barcodes, and works mainly with one or more of videos, installations and photographs, often to present an immersive environment to bring about a sublime experience for the viewers, facilitating a state of being in the present moment. Through such a method, he is interested in investigating what happens to ‘the self’ at this moment of being in the here and the now.

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