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Alex Anne Goodwin


Studio 47

Alex Anne Goodwin is a British/American textile designer, embroiderer and a resident member of Textiles Hub London, who specializes in textured and narrative-based embroidery. A modern folk artist, her work communicates joy, tactility and story-telling and is ideal for interiors, commissions and hands-on workshops.

Alex Anne Goodwin was born in coastal Maine but grew up in London. These two places bring her significant inspiration. Colour has always been her passion, whether it be in nature, other cultures or on my own doorstep. After a BA in Textiles Design from Chelsea College of Art, she worked for Oxfam for six years, helping bring new life to old textiles, running making workshops with the local community and working with sustainable designers. She then travelled the world in search of inspiration, from the incredible kimonos of Japan to the amazing history of handmade techniques in India, and then went on to complete a PGCE in secondary education before setting up alexannestudio. Alexannestudio is her way of sharing her passion for textiles in general and embroidery in particular, whether it be through my own handmade pieces, workshops for all ages and working on bespoke commissions.

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