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Kingsgate History


Kingsgate Workshops is a converted 19th century warehouse providing studio and workshop space for over 50 artists and crafts people. Located in West Hampstead and close to Kilburn High Road, it was first built by John Allen and Sons as their builders workshops, with a saw mill to produce the large number of doors and windows they needed to construct many of the surrounding streets.


After John Allen and Sons the building became a furniture depository, and then used as a sheet metal folding factory and various other businesses until it became derelict and empty. In 1978, a small group of local people put forward a scheme to Camden Council to stop it being demolished and give it a new lease of life as an artists studio complex.

Image: Kingsgate ceramicist Daphne Carnegie 

Image: Kingsgate Workshops circa 1978

Image: Kingsgate ceramicist Daphne Carnegie 

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