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Saturday Throwing Taster

Ceramics Sculpture Studio

Saturdays: 10:00 - 12:00


Studio 12

For more information and to see available dates and to book, head over to

If you are looking to learn, improve and master your pottery wheel techniques you have come to the right place. This is a 2 hours pottery wheel throwing introduction, suitable for all beginners. Intermediate or more advanced levels who are looking to practice and develop their throwing skills are also welcome to sign up.

You will learn:

How to prepare and wedge your clay

How to set up your working area

The importance of your body position on the pottery wheel

How to centre your clay

How to make an opening

How to raise the walls into a cylinder

How to shape the wall of the clay into a cup, bowl, jug, vase etc.

Up to 5Kg of clay included. Glazing and firing are not included.

Advance booking is recommended.

Kindly note that all our classes are designed for adults.


Ceramics Sculpture Studio

Ceramics Sculpture Studio is an intimate, creative space accessible to anyone who shares a passion for clay and ceramics, from total beginners to professional artists.

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