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Ceramics Sculpture Studio


Studio 12

Cosmin Ciofirdel is a ceramic sculptor and a potter designer who works and lives in London. His passion for ceramics comes from his childhood when playing on a riverbank discovered for first-time clay. Since then he never stopped exploring, learning and sharing his experience and knowledge.

Cosmin creates thoughtful, elegant and simple contemporary ware. His work is a symbiosis between a functional and sculptural form with clear references from both zoomorphic and anthropomorphic inspiration.

Ceramics Sculpture Studio is an intimate, creative space accessible to anyone who shares a passion for clay and ceramics, from total beginners to professional artists. Cosmin Ciofirdel founded Ceramics Sculpture Studio in 2015 with an ambition to create functional pottery for everyday use and one-off unique ceramics artworks and to promote creativity through the medium of clay.

Their classes and workshops are a creative journey through the medium of clay, covering techniques from hand building, throwing on a pottery wheel to glazing and firing. Their mission is to create beautiful ceramics artwork and to cultivate a great sense of well-being and personal growth.

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