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May Hands solo exhibition opens at White Crypt on Friday 6 September 2019 6:30-8pm

May Hands

White Crypt

6th September - 5th October 2019

PV Friday 6th September 6:30-8pm

For her solo exhibition at White Crypt, May Hands’ work will reflect upon the September equinox as we transition from late Summer into early Autumn. From the last of the Summer sun with the days getting shorter and the sun sinking lower in the sky, to the crisp leaves turning red and amber as they dry and wither. These natural phenomena and cycles remind us to prepare for winter, to withdraw and turn inward just as nature at this time of the year rests and waits so that it may begin the cycle of seasons again anew. The exhibition’s aim is to engage the spectator and incite feelings of longing and nostalgia, and to offer a chance for reflection and renewal. Playing with the concept of a crypt as a unique site of transformation in nature’s cycle of life and death. May Hands’ exhibition focuses on the ideas of ecological awareness and mindfulness; recognising our place in the world and our role within it.
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