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Bea Bonafini and Paloma Proudfoot are both both in group show Tender Touches at AMP Gallery ~ showin

Tender Touches

Bea Bonafini, Coco Crampton, Clementine Keith-Roach, Pixy Liao, Lindsey Mendick, Goia Mujalli & Cecillia Charlton, Inês Neto dos Santos, Marco Palmieri, Paloma Proudfoot, Magda Skupinska, Sofia Stevi

AMP Gallery

17 May- 30 June

Taking the food-based practice of artist Inês Neto dos Santos as a starting point, Tender Touches will present an immersive installation in an unconventional space where everything – from the food to the furniture and the cutlery – is an artwork. This is the inaugural project in ‘Edible Goods’, a new exhibition series that draws on the culture of experimentation at the core of Open Space, to explore food as a medium in contemporary art practice.

Blurring the lines between the gallery, the studio and the dining room, the project will host a series of talks, dinners, readings and performances. These will take place among new commissions produced by a group of international emerging artists. Tender Touches takes food as a catalyst for conversation and discussion, questioning the dynamics of exhibition spaces. Visitors will be invited to use their senses to experience artworks as functional objects, and to engage with food as they might view the art. By encouraging a multi-sensory experience, Tender Touches dissolves barriers between audience and artworks, while exploring overarching themes of body, flesh and boundaries.

Guests will be invited to engage in a multi-sensory experience through the artworks as everyday objects, and to engage with food as they might view art. By encouraging a multi-sensory experience, the exhibition dissolves barriers between the audience and the art, while exploring the overarching themes of the body, flesh and physical boundaries.

The exhibition, co-curated by Huma Kabakci and Inês Neto dos Santos, will encompass a public programme of both free and ticketed events, ranging from supper clubs to artist performances.

Book tickets for our public programme of events here.

Exhibition entry is free. Coffee is served free of charge, courtesy of Old Spike Roastery. Food is available for purchase from a menu by Inês Neto dos Santos, especially created for Tender Touches.

Address: AMP Gallery, 1 Acorn Parade London SE15 2TZ

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