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Milly Thompson and Jack West are both part of group show Ocular Inc. at Thames-Side Studios Gallery

Ocular Inc. Johann Arens, Claire Baily, Bhagwati Prasad + Hemant Sreekumar, Felix Bahret, Victoria Craven, Naomi Fitzsimmons, Rhona Foster, Lilah Fowler, Rae Hicks, Saudamini Kalra, Jon Kipps, Alice May-Williams, Kusheda Mensah, Milly Thompson, Suzanne Treister, Jack West, Rafal Zajko. Curated by Neena Percy and Lizzy Drury. Thames-Side Studios Gallery

13-28 April 2019 Position yourself with feet comfortably apart, head and shoulders relaxed. Adjust to this viewing position. Keep the knees slightly bent so as not to strain the knee joints. Remain observing the artwork for a healthy amount of time. Ocular Inc. transforms the Thames-Side Studios Gallery into an anonymous workplace. The exhibition takes place at a poignant and uncertain economic and political moment. From sculpture, to video and sound, artworks come together to direct the viewer-come-employee around the site, whilst addressing past, current and imagined modes of labour. UK and international artists’ manual and technological processes of manufacturing examine work, escapism and reward, questioning the status of the artist’s ‘job’ as maker.

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