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Hannah Lees is part of group show The Sleeping Procession at Cass Sculpture Foundation - until 25th

CASS Projects: The Sleeping Procession

26 November 2017—25 February 2018

Main Gallery, Cass Sculpture Foundation

'In response to the Permanent Collection of maquettes at Cass Sculpture Foundation, artists Gabriel Hartley and Sean Steadman have been invited to curate an exhibition. Looking through the collection, the artists were drawn to its inherent latent energy and inspired by its potential to generate a network of ideas and far-reaching associations...'

Matt Ager; Rebecca Ackroyd; Marijke Appelman; Alvaro Barrington; Sarah Braman; Stewart Cliff; Ann Christopher RA; Karen di Franco; Kira Freije; Cristina Garrido; Peter Hide; Gabriel Hartley; Sebastian Jefford; Phillip King RA; Hannah Lees; Eddie Martinez; Eilis O’Connell RA; Michael Page; Eduardo Paolozzi RA; Peter Peri; Peter Laszlo Peri; Jill Posener; Dieter Roth; Michael Sandle RA; Alex Scarfe; Lindsay Seers; Frederick Sommer; Sean Steadman; Bill Woodrow RA

For more information, click here.

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