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Studio Holder Spotlight - Theresa Pateman

Describe your work in 3 sentences.

Figurative Painting and Printmaking using various methods mainly focusing on etching.

What’s your favourite piece of your own work and why?

My prints with etching and drypoint. I like combining the difficulty of getting acid etched tones with the simplicity of overlaying drypoint lines.

What do you listen to when you’re working in the studios?

Mostly Radio 4 and Radio London, with a bit of "Book at Bedtime" on iPlayer. Ella Fitzgerald and Laura Mvula.

What are you going to be showing off during Open Studios Weekend?

I'm trying to do new miniature theatres, I used to make them a long time ago. They take so long to do, and although I sold them I found it difficult to charge much for them. However, that aside, I like making new things.

Who else in the studios should people go and see, aside from you?

As much as possible; everyone! What I think people should do is keep the weekend free, see some things on Saturday, and the rest on Sunday. Maybe go on a tour and get an idea where you want to go, and come back!

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