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Chance // Action, Tom Milnes


Friday 13th December 2013, 6pm - 9pm

Emma Alonze, Louise Ashcroft, Adam Holmes-Davies, Grant Foster, Julia Hayes, Natalie Marr, David Ashley Pearson, Tom Milnes, Yana Naidenov, Marcus Orlandi, Sylvester Piasecki, Zoe Schoenherr, Katy Wallwork and Charlotte Young

Inspired by the DADA sensibility of bringing a wide range of practices together, CHANCE //ACTION is an event of new and previously unseen works by London based emerging artists.

Mixing painting, sculpture, installation, video and performance for a one night ‘Happening’ artists will show what could be unrealised performances, the first cut of a film, documentation of a past project or works that have been kept hidden in the studio. This is an opportunity for participating artists to take a chance with their practice and present to an audience.

Similarly to the spirit of the early Dada exhibitions, this event is an antidote to the precious white walled gallery space. Works will be installed throughout the curating artist’s studio space and adjacent yard. Artists will have an opportunity to explore ideas they have been struggling or experimenting with. This is not an example of exhibiting purposely bad artworks but a chance to show works at any stage that may somehow feel unresolved.

Chance // Action is an event organised and curated by Tom Milnes, Yana Naidenov and Marcus Orlandi, recipients of the Kingsgate Emerging Artists Award 2013-14.

Event will be held in Kingsgate Workshops Yard*

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