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The Lab Project - Testbed 2015



25 July - 21 August 2015 

Preview: Friday 14 August, 6-8pm



Test-Bed is a yearly collaboration between Camden Arts Centre and Kingsgate Workshops Trust, where Camden Art Centre's Front of House volunteers get the chance to organise an arts exhibition of their own. This year they presented The Lab Project, an experimental exhibition and events programme examining the interactions between art and science. The project developed over three stages - The Symposium (25 & 26 July), The Experiment (27 July - 13 August) and The Final Exhibition(14 - 21 August). 


→ Step #1: The Symposium  [25 & 26 July 2015]


A playful take on the format of an academic conference, this two day event gathered together scientists, curators, creative practitioners and members of the public to discuss the possible crossovers between art and science through the subject of multisensory interactions.


Speakers included: Dr Ana Tajadura-Jimenez, Chang Hee Lee, Christina Kazakou, Dr Eleni Ikoniadou, Heather Barnett, Madi Boyd, Dr Maria Chait, Dr Michael Banissy, Rachel Bedder


→ Step #2: The Experiments [27 - 13 August 2015]


During the second phase, Kingsgate Workshops was transformed into a studio space where the artists conducted their experiments. An open studio was held on the 8 August, 2 – 6pm.


Participating artists: Yen-Ting Cho, Vivienne Du & Rose Pickles


→ Step #3: The Final Exhibition [15 - 21 August 2015, open daily 10-6pm]


Preview: Friday 14 August, 6-8pm


This experimental project culminated in a week-long exhibition. Breaking the rules of the traditional gallery space, visitors were invited to take part in a fully interactive experience. They navigated their own journey through a multisensory landscape featuring immersive installations, performance happenings and participatory encounters with cutting edge technology.


A programme of events and workshops were also held alongside the three steps of the project, for more information please see The Lab Project


The Testbed 2015 team included: Aleksandra Berditchevskaia, Anouska Samms, Charlotte Juhen, Georgina Appleton, Isabelle Morgan, Louis Flothmann, Neftali Carreira Velez, Sara Angelucci, Silvia Iacovcich, Tara Wellesley



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