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Paola Ciarska, Billy Crosby, Daniela Dyson, Molly Eliza Gough, Jack Greenwell, Kitty Hall, Eleanor Elks Herrmannsen, Sarah Jenkins, Ruth Waters, Jack West, Lauren Williamson, Wuji Ye 


12 November - 17 December 2016

PV Friday 11 November, 6-9pm



A solopreneur is defined as somebody who is developing their own personal brand.


They are creators and inventors [1], carving out a niche for themselves within their chosen marketplace. Solopreneurs single-handedly seek out the best opportunities. They live and breathe networking – always thirsty for game-changing opportunities.


Social media is their best friend.


The term solopreneur rose to prominence in 2010 through its use as a Twitter hashtag [2]. Since then solopreneur has gained BuzzWord status and has been officially archived online in the Macmillan Dictionary [3]. Solopreneur nestles chronologically alongside “zenware” and “vape”, with “kimchi” and “hipster” not far behind [4].





Solopreneur is an exhibition of works from degree shows that took place across the UK this summer. This is the first such project at Kingsgate Project Space.


The works in this show are disobedient and not necessarily complicit.


They raise questions about trust, authenticity and fakery.


They react to the glossy, slick, frictionless worlds that screens have created.


They embody the habitus of the Millennial Generation.







Self-growth | Thursday 24 November 7-9pm


Ruth Waters will be hosting  J.A Generalized Anxiety Relaxation classes from 7pm. Followed by a talk co-presented by Jonathan P. Watts and Katrina Black on well-being and happiness from 8-9pm. Detox juices will be served throughout. 


Ruth Waters is an artist who lives and works in London. Ruth graduated with an MFA from Goldsmiths (2016) and before that, completed a BA in Photography at University College Falmouth. Ruth was awarded the Goldsmiths MFA Studio Award, a partnership funded by Acme studios, Jane Hamlyn and the Artisa Foundation. Recently Ruth showed in SHAM Romance 2 at Chalton Gallery, London and is presenting work at Annka Kultys Gallery, London in 2017. 

Jonathan P. Watts is a contemporary art critic, editor and occasional curator based between London and Norfolk. Jonathan regularly contributes to frieze and Artforum, and writes for Art Monthly. He's recently written on grime music and pirate radio for Happy Hypocrite edited by Hannah Sawtell. Last year he wrote an article on contemporary art and happiness for Art Monthly, which has since expanded and transformed in other pieces of writing and public talks. With seven friends Jonathan is a contributor-editor of A-or-ist, a magazine of new critical writing on contemporary art.


Katrina Black is a writer and producer based in London. She is an editor and researcher for Grizedale Arts, and co-runs Blackrock residency programme with Matt's Gallery.







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