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Second edition of Kingsgate Postal Service | Sarah Boulton & Victoria Adam

Our second Kingsgate Postal Service edition by Sarah Boulton & Victoria Adam will be on its way to you very soon!

Sarah Boulton's piece 'Via!', 2020 is already on the first part of its journey. The pieces made for KPS can be considered as editions of a performance that Boulton made last year in an Abbey where she accompanied a monk to turn off the lights, one by one, around the building at the end of the day. These editions will take a diversion to the Abbey in the post before making their way to your door.

Subscribe here to receive 12 KPS editions over the next 6 months for just £10/month.⁣⁣


Sarah Boulton (b.1989) has presented artworks at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge; Cell Project Space, London; Rhubaba Gallery, Edinburgh and Patara Gallery, Tbilisi. She is currently working on a piece for an immaterial art biennale in France – La Biennale Momon. Her writings have appeared in Tender Journal, Danarti and in the 2015 Best British Poetry Anthology, and her first collection of texts has recently been published with Care of Time.

Victoria Adam graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in 2015 and previously attended the Slade. Recent solo exhibitions include; confidences, Seventeen, London (2019), orchardwhitelightning*, LUNGLEY, London (2018), the common toad, Temporary Gallery, Cologne, Germany (2017), and middens ❧, Kingsgate Project Space, London (2015). Recent group shows include All that the Rain Promises and more, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh (2019), The romance of flowers, Kingsgate Project Space, London (2018) and Becoming Plant, Tenderpixel, London (2018).

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