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David Blandy's recent film How to Live is available to watch online via John Hansard Gallery thr

Online Screening | How to Live by David Blandy

John Hansard Gallery

1 - 30 June 2020

John Hansard Gallery is pleased to present How to Live (2020), the second of two new digital works by artist David Blandy, especially commissioned to reflect on the uncertain times we currently find ourselves in.

How to Live film begins as a tutorial on how to use Adobe After Effects techniques to bring static images to life. Blandy creates a journey through images around life force, exploring photosynthesis, the geological forces around the creation of oil and coal, and thinking about the future possibilities of human life.

These two newly commissioned works build on a series that use the form of online video tutorials to explore ideas around patterns in nature and existence (previous works include How to make a short video about extinction (2014), and How to make a short video about ideas (2016).)

Both of these previous works explore the increasing uncertainty of what is real and what is artifice. As the digital world pervades and infiltrates every aspect of our lives, it becomes ever more difficult for anyone to ever have a ‘genuine’ sense of reality, instead these works highlight how reality is felt in a range of new and varying ways.

To watch How to Live until 30 June, click here.

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