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Jack Bodimeade: Leaves the Water opens at Zona Mista on Thursday 14 November 6-9pm

Jack Bodimeade: Leaves the Water

Zona Mista

15 - 21 November 2019

PV Thursday 14 November 2019 6-9pm

'. . . to be driven by impelling odour headlong upon a mate so gigantic, in such immense and forbidding darkness, and wilfully eat a hole in her soft side, to feel the gradually increasing transfusion of her blood through one’s veins, to lose everything that marked one as other than a worm, to become a brainless, senseless thing that was a fish'. William Beebe, Siren of the Deep, 1938

Jack will also be exhibiting in upcoming group show 'snail for eyes' at Kingsgate Project Space, which opens the following night, Friday 15 November 6-9pm.

For more info on Leaves the Water, click here.

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