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Jennifer Martin's solo show Channel 6 is showing at Turf until 7 December 2019

Jennifer Martin: Channel 6

Turf Projects

26 October – 7 December 2019

Before the age of digital TV, UK viewers had five options for flicking. ‘Channel 6’ encompasses the past of the pre-digital era and the imagined future.

The moving image installation includes four segments broadcast by ‘Channel 6’. These segments oscillate from places of power to sites of resistance.

One of the key characters in the exhibition is an anthropomorphic immigration van developed in collaboration with 3D illustrator Tadeo Soriano. Inspired by children’s vehicle rides in the Whitgift Centre, the immigration van is an omnipresent force of anxiety and oppression. The character’s presence extends beyond the screen and is superimposed throughout the exhibition.

The performance, ‘Look but don’t Look’ charts the history of teeth from the beginning of the British Empire to its current form, the recounting of history laying bare the research behind ‘Channel 6’. Throughout the exhibition run, the text can be heard in the space at the front of the gallery.

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