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Rebecca Guez is part of group show LIKE A GASSY BIG BALL OR SOMETHING FLUID at Well Projects, Margat


Rebecca Guez, Jack Lavender, Open School East Associates 2019, International Lawns + Bruce McLean

Well Projects, Margate

29 July - 31 August 2019

Loosely swirling around Thanets suburban geographies, LIKE A GASSY BIG BALL OR SOMETHING FLUID explores the performative methodologies of 4 artists / groups during a month long residency period. Over the duration of the residencies each invited artist will develop live events, and build upon a cumulative installation that occupies the Well Projects garden, project space and basement. LIKE A GASSY BIG BALL provides a platform for a nebulous mediation on local spaces and histories through experimental and free associative processes. Drawing on material ranging from 90s tape packs & the local rave scene, the subtle aesthetic connections between images and industries and a 14 foot expedition across a back garden, the proposed works will build an interconnected reflection of local environments, evergreen memories and social relations.

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