Talk to the Hand ~ a solo show by Bea Bonafini ~ is showing at Bosse & Baum until 25 May 2019

Bea Bonafini: Talk to the Hand

Bosse & Baum 11 April – 25 May 2019 'Bosse & Baum is pleased to present Bea Bonafini’s first solo exhibition at the gallery entitled Talk to the Hand, which contains two new tapestries, shown as wall-hangings, and a series of ceramic tools and masks. The exhibition is a material and narrative reformatting of memory and fantasy: an elaboration of loss, a falling apart. The loneliness that comes with loss is compared to falling locks of hair or missing sections of an image. The excessive growth of a body spiralling out of control: sections of the tapestries are growing outwards into the gallery space, where hair bursts from crevices, and lumps disturb sleeping faces. Ancient hair-related tools are brought back to life, enlarged and sprouting hair'...

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