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Jacqui Hallum has won first prize in the 2018 John Moores painting prize! Billy Crosby is also a pri

John Moore's Painting Prize

14 July - 18 November 2018

Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Jacqui Hallum has won first prize for John Moores painting prize 2018 with her painting 'King and Queen of Wands'.

'In her painting, Hallum draws on imagery ranging from medieval woodcuts and leaded glass windows to tarot cards and Art Nouveau children's book illustrations. She works across a number of loose cotton sheets, staining and dying them with inks (drawing ink, graffiti ink and squid ink). The sheets move between Hallum's studio and garden throughout this process, before they are grouped and pinned together, concealing and revealing themselves to create a multi-part work.'

Read more about Jacqui's work and influences here.

Billy Crosby is also one of the 4 runner-up prizewinners with his painting 'Quilt'.

'At first glance 'Quilt' appears to be wooden, yet it is in fact made from woven cardboard and foam. It is reminiscent of a padded cell door. Crosby calls his painting “an anti-quilt” – the opposite of traditional quilts which are often personal, emotive items, recycled from old garments by a maker with a personal history linking them to the material. Crosby describes his approach as "weaving together differing perceptions of material and representation into a rich mush."'

The exhibition of the 60 artworks selecetd to be part of John Moores 2018 will be showing at Walker Art Gallery until 18 November 2018.

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