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Marisa J. Futernick will be screening her new film Trump Tower at Walmer Yard ~ Saturday 21 April 20

Royal Academy of Arts Experiencing Architecture: Inviting Dialogue Saturday 21 April 2018, 6:30–10pm Walmer Yard, London W11 Book tickets here Trump Tower, a new short film by Marisa J. Futernick, will be presented by the Royal Academy as part of an event exploring the dynamic and reciprocal nature of architectural experience. The title Experiencing Architecture: Inviting Dialogue is both a reflection of the event’s intention and the belief that a meaningful experience of architecture is one that results in a reciprocal and evolving relationship with the spaces we inhabit. This event comprises two parts: one an experiential encounter, the other a symposium. In the first, which takes place on Saturday evening, a dialogue will be invited through an experience of architecture – an exchange between building, visitor, and performer. Participants will be invited to inhabit and occupy the four houses of Walmer Yard, designed by Peter Salter, while experiencing performances that experiment with the possibilities the houses offer for sound, narrative, and movement. This experience will be followed by a symposium, lasting all of the following day, at the Royal Academy. The symposium will put the night’s events into context as part of a programme of presentations and discussions. Participants at Walmer Yard include: Marisa J. Futernick Takako Hasegawa Sharone Lifschitz Musarc Juri Nishi Scanner For more information, click here.

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