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Billy Crosby | Props at Camberwell Space until 29 Sept 2017

Billy Crosby | Props

Camberwell Space

4-29 September 2017

Open by appointment Mon-Fri 10-6pm

From the press release...

"Maybe, our whole reality is like, a metaphor, er, and that materialism and commodification, are man-kinds way of trying to express in metaphor the fact that we are trapped in matter. That we are spirit that has to live in matter and die and go through all that kind of stuff. And perhaps, the em, perhaps the actual facts of life as we've constructed it are simply a sort of metaphoric response to that.” - Frankie Boyle, 2017

If this is true, then this show could be seen as a spirited attempt to transcend matter.

Camberwell Space Projects presents 'Props' a solo exhibition of new work by Billy Crosby, a 2016 graduate of BA Painting at Camberwell College of Arts and winner of the 2016 Vanguard Prize Studio Award.

The exhibition is accompanied by a new publication and a special event on the 28 September which will compromise a panel discussion on the show chaired by Neil Rumming, head of 3rd year BA Painting at Camberwell College of Arts.

The Vanguard Studio Award launched in 2010 and is open to current graduates and recent alumni of Camberwell College of Arts. The winner receives a year-long, free studio residence at Vanguard Court, along with ongoing mentoring and support from Camberwell College of Arts to help them develop their work and career.

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