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Studio Holder Spotlight - Angela Cork

Please describe your work in 3 sentences.

I am inspired by form and composition, and create functional jewellery and silver pieces that are also sculptural. My distinctive style is a striking aesthetic of crisp, clean lines and proportions, paired with contrasting surfaces. Whilst my designs are contemporary, I use age-old traditional silversmithing techniques to make them.

What’s your favourite piece of your own work and why?

One of my favourite pieces is the Rectangular Ripple box that I made last year- its a beautiful form, but is also made of up of tightly curved elements, which make a decorative pattern, which is a new departure for me.

What do you listen to when you’re working in the studios?

I flit between Radio 2, Spotify and an eclectic mix of music on my Ipod.

What are you going to be showing off during Open Studios?

I will be showing a range of my silver pieces, my 'Pillow' jewellery collection and some new surprises!

Who else in the studios should people go and see, aside from you?

If you're interested in silver, I would definitely go and see the finely crafted engraved pieces of Nan Nan Lui on the top floor.

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