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Studio Holder Spotlight - Lucy Baxandall

In the run up to Kingsgate Workshops Open Studios Weekend, we're highlighting the work of some of the artists, makers and designers who'll be opening their doors.

First up is papermaker Lucy Baxandall in Studio 17b:

Describe your work in three sentences

It all starts with paper I make myself from plant fibres and recycled fabrics.

From there it heads off in many directions.

Sometimes the paper itself is enough, sometimes it becomes a drawing, a book or a sculpture.

What’s your favourite piece of your own work and why?

Whatever I am currently working on, because it’s fresh, but sometimes, older pieces re-emerge as part of new ones. It’s all about layering of experience.

What do you listen to when you’re working in the studios?

Palestrina, Percy Sledge, the sound of the beater (pulping machine), which drowns out everything else, and the noises of the neighbourhood passing by the gate.

What are you going to be showing off during Open Studios Weekend?

It’s a surprise, so you will have to show up to find out – it’s definitely 3D though, and family-friendly!

Who else in the studios should people go and see, aside from you?

Everyone! I’ll be leading tours celebrating the more unusual arts that have just one brave representative holding out against the mainstream! Also, a personal favourite is the Textiles Hub in Studio 47 on the top floor – a fabulous bright space with many fascinating things going on.

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